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Blower Door Testing

The Building Performance Institute has certified Weller Infrared Services as an approved Infiltration & Duct Leakage Tester.  Our blower door testing locates costly air leaks and helps you achieve money saving air tightness in your buildings.  During blower door testing, we use a high-quality Retrotec Blower Door and Retrotec Duct Tester on all our jobs.

Air Leakage Testing in Buildings

Our air leakage test equipment locates air leakage due to cracks and missing or damaged sealants in buildings which could be a major problem in hot, humid climates.  Cold air can interact with the hot and humid outdoor air causing condensation issues in windows, walls, and attics.  This in turn can cause air quality issues and structural decay.  A major cause of high energy bills in the summer months is often due to air leakage in building structures.  Another common issue is damaged HVAC duct systems, that have loose or broken connections that have leaked for years, without the building owner's knowledge of the problem.











Building and Duct Leakage Testing

The building or duct system is depressurize using a Retrotec blower door or duct tester along with a sophisticated computer program that  calculates the total air leakage in square foot calculations.  This helps the client visualize the total amount of air leakage in their building.  Infrared thermal imaging is also used to demonstrate to the client where the air leakage is occurring.


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